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 Service, Trust, Integration,  Innovation


For UV laser cutting and grooving(355nm, or pico) for Semiconductor/ LED/Display industries especially CIG(CMOS,CCD)wafers, 

Molding related, including mold chase, cavity bar, spares parts and etc.

Synthetic Diamond Dicing Blades & Diamond Dressing Boards

We also provide customized service as customers requested based on the purpose of our company, STI, “ Service, Trust, Integration”

You tell us your needs and STI will find the best solution to you.

Here are few examples.

STI technology

Customized Service

About STI

We, STI, “ Service, Trust, Integration+ Innovation” is our main purpose of company. To provide customers good quality products with satisfied service is our task. STI is building up a partnership with each customer. What we are doing is Standing at customers position to see and find the most appropriate solution for each other based on our wealth of experience in semiconductor assembly. Sometimes we might not be able to offer the most competitive price, but we can guarantee the quality all the time. Quick response also is one of points we care due to time limited in customer side it must can’t be delayed. STI is a company can provide customer a satisfied and reliable service. Furthermore, not only to customers, we would like to create a reliable working place to our member as well.


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