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For UV laser cutting and grooving(355nm, or pico) for Semiconductor/ LED/Display industries especially CIG(CMOS,CCD)wafers, Metal bumped Si wafers, Vertical line, etc, one of Engineers’ interest is to fin the good alternative of current expensive protective coating solution.

  • TOPCOVER WCS-3F, WCS-2G series (water based protective coating solution) During US laser dicing of Silicon/ Sapphire wafer with 355nm-UV laser or pico-, we are facing the many troubles such as debris, de-lamination, micro-crack, and chipping, etc.

    TOPCover WCS series create a protecting layer in surface of afers to prevent the contamination by fumed silicon and to reducing the heat-transfer by HAZ region effectively.

    If you are operating the metal bump wafer, especially copper, we recommend the WCS-2G. Through recent evaluations, we get the best records in their usages.

    WCS-3F series are good for next generation wafers including CMOS/CCD image wafers, Low-k wafer, Metal multi-layered wafers, 3D wafers, Gan, AN, Aluminum, Ceramic, SiC etc.


*stable and good leveling and coating properties as well as no-pinhole.

*Eco-friendly and price-competitiveness.

*Fast customer response and Fine tuned R&D support to cope with the customers’ requests.

-Using guide

*Step1: spin coat WCS series onto wafers

*Step 2:laser ablation, laser cutting, laser grooving

*Step3: cleaning with D.I water

*Step4: after cleaning, check for cleaning fluid, debris residue, carbide

  • JB-3000/MC-3000 is easy to remove the contaminated materials under
    *Excellent electrical balance and Increasing the acoustic strength.
    With low ionic strength JB-3000/MC-3000 prevent the re-adhesion of silicon scattered particles.
    *Excellent anti-corrosion.
    *Excellent cost competitiveness due to much higher dilution ratio(Max.3,000times)


  • TOPBOND SPA-140,-H (IPA based excellent adhesive having higher performance for polishing process of sapphire wafer)
    Due to the rough surface after sawing of silicon wafer for semiconductor or sapphire wafer for ED, for several steps polishing is required. Adhesive is required during the polishing steps temporarily.

    SPA-140/-140H is adhesive for sapphire wafer. In first step spin coat with TOPBond and dry-adhere onto back side of wafer after the lapping, annealing process.

    Next, put on the alumina plate (Block), then dry at 80 °C for adhesive. The first step is diamond slurry polishing and the second is colloidal silica polishing.

    During the first and second step, wafer should not fall apart from the alumina plate. Wafer should easily come off at 100~120°C after complete polishing.

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